Cooler by the Drake Letterbox

Terrain: Flat grassy park
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: October 27, 2006
Created By: TJMich
Placed By:
The Dragon
Location: Green Lake County, WI
Nearest town: Green Lake, WI
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This box was created by TJMich for the 2004 Great Lakes Gathering - "Cooler by the Lake"  It was to become a permanent box in this area, and now I finally got around to placing it in a permanent spot.  And now that TJMich is "TJWi", they're helping to make Wisconsin completely green as this is the first box in Green Lake County!

Go to Hattie Sherwood Beach across from the campground on South Lawson Dr. along the shore of Green Lake in the town of Green Lake, WI.  Green Lake is a summer vacation "hot spot", so there are numerous signs around town directing you where to go.  Park in one of the spots in the small parking lot along Lawson Dr. in front of what appears to be a duck pond.  Is it cooler by the drakes?  There were no drakes in October when this box was planted, but it was cooler!

From the parking lot, walk west on the grass parallel to the road and the shore.  Head over to the white boat dock there.  It is the private Maplewood dock, but I don't think you're on private land.  From the dock, continue west past seven large gray rocks to a large tree that is slanted over the water.  Sit on the bank of the lake on the west side of this tree.  You should see that there is a large hole in its base.  When no one is looking, reach into the hole and up to the right (up the trunk) and remove the large stone.  Then reach up and grab the box.  Give it a quarter turn and remove it gently from the tree.  After stamping in, replace the box and rock correctly so the box won't slip out.  Thanks!

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