Cross Country County Letterbox

Terrain: Wooded forest path, some hills
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: December 3, 2003
By: The Dragon
Location:  Washington County, WI
Nearest town: Slinger, WI

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This box is in the same State Park as the Weapons of Math Instruction Series.   You might as well hunt for it when you go do that series.

If you do this box separately from the WMI series, take Hwy 60 west of Hwy 41 through Slinger, WI to Powder Hill Rd.  Take Powder Hill Rd. south to the top of the hill.  Turn left into the parking lot for the state forest and park.  (Remember you need a sticker to park there!)  Be careful turning left into the lot - there may be cars coming up the hill in the other lane towards you that you might not see!


Pick up the hiking trail at the east end of the lot.  Follow the brown/blue trail to the left (north/east).  When the trails split, stay on the brown trail.  You'll soon pass the spur for the yellow marked Ice Age trail.  Stay on the brown trail.  Soon you'll pass the forest ruler's throne on the left.  Then you will pass a bench on your left.  Then pass a brown trail marker on your right, then another.  You'll be very close to a road - close enough to see it and hear the cars.  This is County CC.  The trail will turn right sharply away from the road and head up a small hill.  At the top of the hill the trail will make a sharp left turn.  Stop and take a rest on the large boulder to the right side of the trail in the turn.  Take a bearing of 303 degrees and spot another large boulder out in the middle of nowhere in the woods!  Walk the 30 paces to that large rock.  To the right of the rock (north?) there is a tree with a big humped root providing a nice hiding spot for the box.  Please be sure to replace the leaves, twigs, and stones to re-hide the box well.  Thanks!


Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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