Baby Maeghan's Baptism Letterbox

Terrain: Relatively flat park path and grass
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: August 9, 2003
By: The Dragon and Teen Cub
Location: Monroe County, WI
Nearest town: Sparta, WI

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Planted by Chief Cub (now Teen Club) in celebration of his new sister's baptism!
With help from The Dragon (one of Maeghan's godfathers) and some other cubs and a little panther (some of Maeghan's other siblings).

Replaced with slightly new clues on Oct. 31, 2004. Re-replaced August, 2007, with yet more different clues... Re-re-replaced August 2013, with yet more different clues (hopefully these will last....)

Everything is easy with this real quick box.

Travel through Sparta, WI on Hwy 16 until you see a large man with a handlebar mustache riding a large old-time bicycle on the south side of the road. Follow the Water south until you cross the tracks. Spot the depot and park there.

Cross the Water and pick up the main trail and pass the Soo. Walk backwards until you see a forward "Stop Ahead" or walk forwards until you see a backwards "Stop Ahead". From there take 120 steps farther down the trail (you can face forwards again). In the gully to the right find the metal plate between the ties under sticks, leaves, and a bolt. Uncover them all to expose the box.

Replace the box, its contents, and the plate, sticks, leaves, and bolt as they should be so others may find the box safe and sound. This is a busy area, so be careful not to let anyone see you. Thanks!



Before you set out read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer.

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