Dragon's Virtual Library Challenge
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In May 2004, SpringChick presented the Kimball Library Virtual Letterbox as a challenge for the "Topic of the Week" on the Letterboxing - Great Lakes talk list.  The first to solve it would win a handcarved stamp.

As the winner of the challenge, Delirium proposed a roving virtual letterbox, a perpetual challenge to the group.  She set up a temporary virtual letterbox (VLB) and challenged members of the LBGLk group not only to solve her clues, but to undertake to set up a new virtual challenge, should they win.

Acorn won Delirium's challenge--well, SpringChick really won it, but declined the honor since she had so recently launched the stamp herself.

Acorn then created the Mysterious Women VLB Challenge.  I (The Dragon) was the first to complete the Mysterious Women VLB Challenge. I thus became the keeper of the Kimball Letterbox Challenge stamp, as well as the associated burdens of the honor - to create another VLB in keeping with the series.

After a hectic semester of teaching, I have finally found time to take on this burden.  (My advice to letterboxers - be prepared for this burden if you plan to be the first to complete this Kimball Library Challenge VLB!)  After my initial idea fell through, I have settled on an easier (for me) VLB to create.  Anyone who completes my challenge will win a stamp commemorating your achievement.


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