Dragon's Virtual Library Challenge
Famous Dragons of Literature
The Challenge Begins....

  We'll start the challenge with an easy one....

Probably the best known dragon of literature, he is introduced by this passage...

"He had passed from an uneasy dream (in which a warrior, altogether insignificant in size but provided with a bitter sword and great courage, figured most unpleasantly) to a doze, and from a doze to wide waking.  There was a breath of strange air in his cave.  Could there be a draught from that little hole?  He had never felt quite happy about it, though it was so small, and now he glared at it in suspicion and wondered why he had never blocked it up.  Of late he had half fancied he had caught the dim echoes of a knocking sound from far above that came down through it to his lair.  He stirred and stretched forth his neck to sniff.  Then he missed the cup!
Thieves! Fire! Murder! Such a thing had not happened since first he came to the Mountain!  His rage passes description - the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk that have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but have never before used or wanted.  His fire belched forth, the hall smoked, he shook the mountain-roots.  He thrust his head in vain at the little hole, and then coiling his length together, roaring like thunder underground, he sped from his deep lair through its great door, out into the huge passages of the mountain-palace and up towards the Front Gate.

To hunt the whole mountain till he had caught the thief and had torn and trampled him was his one thought. He issued from the Gate, the waters rose in fierce whistling steam, and up he soared blazing into the air and settled on the mountain-top in a spout of green and scarlet flame.  The dwarves heard the awful rumour of his flight, and they crouched against the walls of the grassy terrace cringing under boulders, hoping somehow to escape the frightful eyes of the hunting dragon."

Who is this famous dragon of literature?

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