Cambridge Parkway
Letterbox Series

Terrain: Asphalt path/some woods
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: November 30, 2003
Last Update: August 6, 2008
By: The Dragon
Location:  Milwaukee Cty, WI
Nearest town: Shorewood, WI
Current Number of Boxes: 11
(See list below.)

Dragon's Home Page

Update! We are at the end of the parkway.  Start hiding boxes on the way back up!
You may print off all of the current clues from here.
Note: It might be a good idea to also bring extra paper to write down the additional clues you find!
With this series I thought I'd try something a little different.  Consider this series a "Find a Box - Hide a Box" series.  On this page are the clues to the first box of the series.  Inside that box are the clues to the next box.  When you come to find these boxes, bring along a new box to hide.  After you find the current last box in the series, continue on down the parkway and hide your box.  Leave the clues to your new box in the previous box.

I will be the one to keep an eye on the series as it grows, but you can include your box in your "P" count.  Let me know by email (see my homepage) when you plant a new box, and I will keep track of where the boxes are, their stamp images, and clues, so if any go missing, the series can be quickly fixed.  You can add as many boxes to the series as you desire.  You can continue to come back again and again to find the new boxes as the series grows, and you can come back again and again to hide more boxes!

So what stamp images would work for this series?  Anything and everything!  There can be a reason or no reason at all for the stamp image!  You could do an image of things you'd expect to find on a bike pathway through woods in the city: bikers, runners, in-line skaters, walkers, trees, parks, deer, little furry animals, graffiti, puddles, abandoned RR tracks, bridges, various businesses, city streets, lamp posts, ... the list is endless!  You can make a stamp and box before you arrive, or plan to make one on the spot that is representative of the spot you plan to hide your box (or buy a commercial stamp).  Don't want to hide a box?  Fine! Enjoy the ones that are there!

The trail begins across the street from the intersection of North Wilson Dr and East Congress Street in Shorewood, WI in Milwaukee County.  You can park on Congress or Wilson.  The trail is an old railroad right-of-way that has been converted into a bike path, and runs south all the way to the War Memorial on the lake (or from Oak Leaf Trail/MCP Series-Estabrook Park #2 to Caltrava/Green One in letterbox orientation!).  There is literally miles of trail to hide boxes on, so this series has lots of growth potential!  (Although you may walk the entire distance, the time has come where biking may be the way to do this series!)


Start at the spur of the asphalt path across the street from the corner of Wilson and Congress.  Walk south on the path (or on the grassy side) until you come to the first asphalt spur.  The spur heads west to a parking lot in Estabrook Park and cuts in front of the Channel 6 TV tower.  At the spur, turn around so you are facing north.  Walk 75 paces north and stop.  To your left in the woods (about 10 paces in) spot the 8-9 trunked tree!  The first box is nestled in the middle of where all those trunks meet.


- - - Current List of Boxes  - - -

Cambridge Parkway Beginning Box

- The Dragon

Mmmm . . . Pie!

- The Dragon

River Cottonwoods

- Merlin and Ardea

Rogue Stamp

- The Dragon

Oak Leaf Letterbox

- Acorn

Out of Water

- Czeltic Girl

On the Right Track

- The Christmas Elves

The Bridges of Cambridge Parkway

- The CignaCats

The Prozac Box

- Sophie & Me

Walk on the Beach Box

- aimlesst

In Memoriam - Kermit

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