Printable clues to the Cambridge Parkway Series

Cambridge Parkway Beginning Box - The Dragon
Start at the start of the asphalt path across the street from the corner of Wilson and Congress.  Walk south on the path (or on the grassy side) until you come to the first asphalt spur.  The spur heads west to a parking lot in Estabrook Park and cuts in front of the Channel 6 TV tower.  At the spur, turn around so you are facing north.  Walk 75 paces north and stop.  To your left in the woods (about 10 paces in) spot the 8-9 trunked tree!  The first box is nestled in the middle of where all those trunks meet.
Mmmm . . . Pie! - The Dragon
Continue south down the pathway.  Cross over Capital Drive on the old blue train bridge.  Yum! Look! A Bakers Square to your left (and a Culver's)!  Note the asphalt spur to the back of the Bakers Square parking lot.  Continue south and count the fence posts on your left...1...2...3 stop!  Turn right.  You should be in line with the corner of the building through the trees.  Walk toward the corner of the building and stop at the first tree.  It is rotting, and part of it has fallen to the south providing a nice spot to hide a box!  Look in the southern base of the tree.
River Cottonwoods - Merlin and Ardea
Many of the trees along the trail are cottonwoods, Populus deltoides, because of their deltoid shaped leave. It is because of this shape that they flutter and rustle in even the lightest breeze.  Continue south down the trail from Letterbox #2 until you are directly west of the freckled smokestack and take 50 more steps south.  Turn right (west) onto a small trail and take 34 steps to a double-trunked tree on your left. Look behind it in its base. Carefully lift the camo stick up and slide it down and out. Please replace carefully.
Rogue Stamp - The Dragon
Continue south down the trail (parkway).  As you begin to round a curve in the path you'll see two brown (wood) and grey (stone) lodges.  (The first lodge has a good Sunday brunch.)  As you continue walking, you'll see a park along the river to your right, then you'll come to an asphalt path leading a short distance to a park on your left.  Stop and turn RIGHT.  Take the dirt path through the chain-link fence that leads down to the riverside park.  Before you get to the bottom, stop at the last tree on your left.  Take a bearing of 59*.  There in the rock face is buried the 4th box.  Look to the 4th level of rocks up - there is a 3 foot long slab supported by a 3/4 foot slab creating a crevice.   Look behind the 3/4 foot slab.  Re-hide the box up-side down with the little rock slab in front of it so it is not easily seen.
Oak Leaf Letterbox - Acorn
Go back up the hill, staying on the dirt path as it runs parallel to the river along the bluff.  (This path is used by mountain bikers at high speeds, so look out!) Shortly after you pass through the chain-link fence, you will come to a cross trail leading to the river where a pacifist message is painted, although it is now covered with new graffiti.  But you don't want to go down there!  Continue south on the dirt path 24 paces to an oak tree on your right.  Walk 10 paces to a stump and fallen tree on your right.  Sit on this convenient seat and look up river North North East.  Feel beneath the tree behind some bark for the letterbox.  Don't let it roll downhill!
Out of Water - Czeltic Girl
Follow the path south until you reach a large clearing, turn left to rejoin the bike path and continue on down the path. You'll pass a number of trails leading off the bike path along your journey (4 on  your left and 5 on your right, I believe), but the one you want is guarded by a red-rimmed trash can on the left side of the path and post #0618B on the right. Take the any of the paths up to the left until you reach the street. Look across the street. What's THAT doing there??  Once you've had a good look at the oddity, head back down the trail to the bike path. Directly across it is another trail leading into the woods. Follow it until the path becomes rock slabs. Your prize awaits you in a hollow in the rocks below the tree on the left side of the path. Hide it well when you leave, and make sure the box isn't visible from the lower path.
On the Right Track - The Christmas Elves
From Out of Water, climb back up and continue south on the Chicago and Northwestern System beer line.  Imagine riding the rails.  Do you see the roundhouse?  Remnants of the railroad are all around you - a rail (early in the series), ties, poles, and now the rock walls lining the rail corridor.  Climb off the trail to tower above it - admiring the view and some unique urban plumbing.  Continue down the rail and find a clump of 4 sturdy trunks.  A cluster of bridges is ahead, but the box is to the right of a telegraph pole at 40 degrees in the rock wall at waist level.  Please replace the box and rocks carefully.
The Bridges of Cambridge Parkway - The CignaCats
From On the Right Track, continue down the path to the cluster of bridges that The Christmas Elves mentioned. You will pass under several bridges before you meet your Prospect. Go about half-way to the next bridge, there will be a building above the trees on your left-hand side.  At the Northwest corner of the building stop and face west.  There is a railway tie about halfway up the West side hill. The box is inside.
The Prozac Box - Sophie & Me
From the Bridges of Cambridge box, go back to the paved trail heading south.  Soon you will see a sign up ahead commanding you to "READ".  Go under the bridge and count about 88 paces.  Stop and look to the left at the brick wall.  The box will be hidden in a hole in the wall at about chest level.  Stamp up and enjoy this tribute to my favorite drug of choice!
Walk on the Beach Box - aimlesst
Continue south on the trail.  You will pass the pedestrian access to Brady St. and Prospect Ave.  On the south side of Prospect stairs there is a ramp leading up to Prospect. The retaining wall for that ramp is connected to an older stone wall by a small circular section.  The box is under rocks atop the junction of the arc and the older stone wall. 
In Memoriam - Kermit
After finding "Walk On The Beach" box, continue south down the Parkway.  Eventually, on your left, across the street, you will see the SE WI Vietnam Veterans Memorial:  11 granite posts for each year of the war, 5 granite benches for each branch of the military, and three Wausau Red granite columns together representing those killed in action (22 ft tall), those who are missing in action or were prisoners of war (26 ft tall) and those who returned home again (30 ft tall).

The Cambridge Parkway ends where the path splits -- there is a signpost there with two brown signs on it.  One tells you to go left, under a bridge; and one tells you to go right, up a hill.  Trust not the sinister sign, and proceed onward dexterously for 66 steps.  Stop, and take out your compass.  You'll know you're in the right spot when you can see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at 100 degrees, the post with two brown signs where the path splits at 60 degrees, and, if you look behind you at 302 degrees, a dead tree with holes in the front about 20 feet up the hill.  "In Memoriam" rests at the base of this tree, under a twisted branch, hidden by bark and twigs.

There are lots of brush and thistles on this hill in the summer!  I recommend sending the mightiest member of your letterboxing party up the hill to obtain the box, and then stamping in on one of the grassy areas nearby.  Use discretion when retrieving and returning!  This is a busy area!