Thanks for your interest in finding this series of boxes.  This series took a lot of time and effort to put together.  With your help, we can keep this series in great shape for all to enjoy, as well as keep everyone safe.

In order for you to get the link that will get you to the clues, you MUST agree to some minor stipulations.  (When you see the stamps, you'll understand why we're being very protective of them - forgive us if any of the stipulations are not to your liking.) These stipulations are only in place to protect yourself and the boxes/stamps for all to enjoy. We don't think you'll find them difficult to agree to:

1) The clues take you near railroad tracks at times, but are written so you should not put yourself or anyone in your group in any danger (crossing only at RR crossings, room to walk far to the side of a track, etc.).  You must agree to keep your wits about you and not do anything not in keeping with the safety intentions already written into the clues.  Just in case, you must agree to abide by the LBNA disclaimer and not take any action against us if something goes wrong as with any letterbox hunt.

2)If you are in a group with children, you must agree to watch them at all times and keep them safe.

3) The stamps in these boxes require the use of inking pens.  You MUST prove to us that you have a set of inking pens of the Marvy "Primary" set type.  (If you also have a gold inking pen, that would be helpful but not necessary.)  You may NOT do this series with only an ink pad or non-primary colors.  If you need to get some inking pens, I suggest you keep an eye on the Michael's flyer in the Sunday paper and use one of the 40% or 50% off coupons to get yourself a set.  We also suggest the thin tip markers due to the detail in the stamps, but the broad tip ones will work fine.

4) Each stamp is colored in a unique way.  You must agree to ink-up each stamp according to the color already on the stamp.  If you are unsure, follow the example in the logbook.  You must NOT color a stamp a different way, with the only exception being gold for yellow as stipulated in some clues.

5) You must NOT clean the stamps when you are done (unless you use gold).  The carvings are fragile due to their detail, and we don't want over-cleaning to ruin them.  You should blot the stamp on some scrap paper to remove excess ink before putting it away however.  We will come by ourselves and clean the stamps if needed.  As long as #4 is followed however, this should not be an issue.

6)Each of the boxes are firmly in place with rocks or another heavy object on them. This is so they will not be moved by animal, rain, or wind.  You must agree to replace the heavy object on top of the box, then cover it with debris so the spot looks natural - not suspicious.

7) You must also agree that before you replace the box that each item is properly sealed in its individual baggie and each individual baggie is placed in the outer baggie.  You must also agree to wrap the stamp in the cloth it came with.  In addition, you must agree to make sure each box is sealed tightly before re-hiding the box.

8) You must agree to report any problems with the boxes promptly.

9) You must not give anyone else the direct email address to the series.

If you agree to all of these stipulations, send me an email stating your agreement and proof of your ownership of inking pens.

(Note: Possible proof of inking pens include, but are not limited to, the following:
1) We already know you have them.
2) A photo of your pens with you or your boxing equipment.
3) A box I can be directed to to see that you used inking pens to stamp-up in (may be a box you own as well)
4)Showing them to us at a gathering.
5) Having someone we know vouch for you that you have them.