Art in the Park Series

Terrain: Mostly flat park
Difficulty: Easy
Placed: May 20, 2006
By: The Dragon
Location:  Brown County, WI
Nearest town: Howard (Green Bay), WI

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Dedicated to Escher

Years ago, I fell in love with MC Escher's art, particularly his tessellations.  As a math student and teacher, I have used various techniques to create Escher-type tessellations.  In these boxes are some of the tessellation pieces that I have created through the years.  All of these boxes are intended to be quick finds, but the tough part comes in when you attempt to tessellate them!  I hope you enjoy this series and don't get too frustrated!  If you would like to learn more about tessellations and my techniques, go to this site.  Please replace all boxes as the clues suggest they should be hidden.  Thank you!


Go to Pamperin Park in Howard, WI (West of Green Bay).  To get there, take HWY 41 to exit169 and take Hwy 29/32 west.  Stay in the right lane and follow the signs to the park as you need to enter the park in a very "round about" way.  Once at the park, drive all the way in to the last parking lot and park there.

Dancing Dinosaurus Rex Box:

(Note: Those of you that attended the 2004 GL Gathering may have got this stamp already.)

Travel south from the parking lot along the east side of the river.  This grassy picnic area will converge to a point at the very southern tip of the park.  There you will find a dirt trail that leads further south and then up to the railroad tracks.  Before you ascend the hill to the RR tracks, spot the three-trunked tree on the left side of the path in the side of the hill.  Go to the left (east) side of this tree, and find the two large concrete slabs forming an upside down "V".  Remove the loose rocks to expose the crevasse in the "V" where you will find the first box.

Ziggy Goes to China Box:

Go back to the grassy tip of the picnic area where you picked up the dirt trail to get to the first box. To find the rest of the boxes, you will essentially walk the entire length of the park by walking along the tree line to your right (east).  From the end of the path, take about 100 steps along the tree line.  You should notice that there is a barbed wire fence just inside the tree line.  Be mindful of this, as many of the boxes will get you close to the barbed wire.

After the 100 steps, you should see a large three trunked tree in the tree line just before the barbed wire.  (If you passes through a grove of birch, you've gone too far.)  The tree has a large gaping hole in its side.  Reach into this opening and reach around to the left to find the second box.

Fish Box:

Continue along the tree line past the birch, past the grassy opening to the RR tracks, to the point where you are directly behind the gazebo.  Look into the tree line and spot the large "V" tree, which, again, is before the barbed wire.  In the back of this tree you will find a large hole where the next box is hidden under a leaves, a rock and a piece of wood.

Shadow Bird Box:

Unfortunately, the park office now gets in the way, so continue to follow the tree line as it curves towards the road, then proceed in front of the park office, and then pick up following the tree line on the other side.  Soon you'll pass through a grove of pine then there will be a grill on your left.  Shortly after the grill, the tree line dips in a little.  At the point of the dip, there is a medium four-trunked tree just inside the tree line.  Look in the place where the trunks meet for the Bird Box.  The box should be covered in leaves so it is not easily seen.

Water Lizard Box:

Continue along the tree line past the playground.  Follow the tree line as it curves to the road again.  Now the tree line pretty much follows the road, so you can just walk on the right side of the road (with traffic) to get to the next box.  Continue along the road until you come to a line of large rocks.  Stop at the fourth rock, which is dark grey in color.  Turn to face the tree line and the hill.  Walk straight up the hill for about 65 steps to a six trunked birch - although two of the trunks have broken off.  Look in the cavity of the front broken off trunk under some leaves and birch bark for this box.  (This would be on the tree, on the top of the broken trunk.)

Barking Dog on an Ottoman Box:

From the birch, continue uphill and over the crest to spot the RR tracks yet again.  Head to the pile of RR ties you should see.  Spot the square RR tie on the bottom layer that has a metal "S" in its face.  Reach deeply into the gap to the right of this tie for the last box.

I hope you enjoyed this series!


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